Caminemos Juntos: First Ordination and Fourth Conference in Mexico

The purpose of this gathering was to mobilize leaders for the planting of Anglican churches throughout Mexico and to provide a space for new congregations and leaders that are exploring joining the existing group of ACNA churches. 

Present were 4 missionaries from the new GAFCON Province in Brazil including missionary Bishop Flavio Adair Suarez who was the keynote speaker and presented lessons learned from the growth of the church in Brazil through multiplication and disciple making. Others shared on the intercessory and women’s ministries which have played a key role in Brazil.

On Sunday, the final day of the conference, Farhid Adabache of Iglesia del Gran Pastor, was ordained as a deacon by Bishop Mark Zimmerman of the ACNA Diocese of the Southwest which includes the Mexico deanery of congregations. This was an historic occasion, marking the first Anglican Church in North America leader ordained in Mexico.

Deacons Farhid and Eduardo Gonzalez, who serves in Ciudad Juarez on the border with El Paso, Texas will both represent Mexico at the upcoming GAFCON conference in Jerusalem later this summer.

Caminemos Juntos is the GAFCON network for Mexico and Latin America. This year, in addition to hosting this regional gathering in Mexico, Caminemos Juntos is also hosting conferences in the United States and Argentina.

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Representatives from over 50 countries will gather June 17-22 in Jerusalem, Israel for the 10th Anniversary of Gafcon, the Global Anglican Future Conference. Gafcon is a global movement of Bible-based Anglicans who profess the orthodox apostolic faith and set out together in Gospel Mission.

This year’s conference will be the largest international gathering of Anglicans in 50 years with nearly 2,000 delegates. The theme for the conference is “proclaiming Christ faithfully to the nations.”

Delegates will hear from leaders in the Anglican Communion, learn from keynote speakers, and be encouraged in their ministry. Most importantly, they will engage with brothers and sisters from around the world, building Kingdom relationships to strengthen the mission of the Church and bring us closer together in fellowship.

You can follow along and participate too! The conference will be livestreamed on and can also be watched via YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. You can interact with the conference via the Twitter hashtag: #Gafcon2018.

The livestream will loop every eight hours, running each day’s sessions three times, meaning you can catch all the action as if it were live without having to wake up in the wee hours of the morning. The first loop of the livestream will begin at 9am EST.

While delegates are on break, you can catch interviews with leaders, speakers, laity, and conference workers, providing insight on how the conference is running, relationships being built, and highlights from the day.

Not able to watch a full eight hours? Catch the 30-minute highlight segment at the end of each day! We’ll provide for you a run-down of all the exciting topics and information you need to know.

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The Gospel Con Carne

How do you like your tacos? Nate Twichell, co-director of Agape Year, likes them ‘con carne’ or ‘with meat’. Doesn’t really matter if its pork, chicken, or brisket. He’ll take them with mucho ‘con carne’. These past few months we’ve had the privilege of participating in the Gospel con carne. After returning from Thailand, we debriefed with our Missionals and hit the road as a living epistle to 10 churches in 6 dioceses, a couple of schools, and a few ministries.

Here’s the thing, the Church takes on the Gospel con carne when you experience the radical welcome of Christ through the hospitality of this family we’re called into… sometimes that looks like the best strawberry shortcake in Florida shared over conversations of God at work in prisons, or a meal harvested from a community garden, or an offer to drive a hot-rod, or thoughtful questions in a parish hall during a bake sale. Sometimes it looks like a priest gripping your hand during the Eucharist while saying “The body of Christ who loves you so very much broken for you.” There’s Truth that sinks down into your bones when you worship with unmet brothers and sisters and then that evening sleep in one of their guest bedrooms or living rooms or share a family meal with them. It’s the Gospel con carne.

God is good! We are amazed that we’ve just finished our first year of Agape Year. This would not have been possible without the help, prayers, support and vision of so many individuals. We are humbled and grateful! Our Missionals are headed home to summers of work and ministry and then to college! We’ll miss them; grateful but thankful that they’ve lived the Gospel con carne.

Please join us as we pray for our missional fellows for next year! So far we have two: Tessa and Kieran! We’d love to have two more join the cohort. Please pray that God would lead those He is calling to experience the gospel con carne.

This summer, we will be trusting God as we grow in partner development. We’ve been thankful for the number of one time donations given to make this year possible, but will need to grow our monthly support by $2000 to make Agape Year sustainable for years to come. Please pray for us as we dedicate time to growing our monthly community of supporters and if He is leading you to join in His work through Agape Year?

Want to taste the Gospel con carne?  Or want a night off from cooking? Come join us and our neighbors the final Friday of the month at “The Open Table” Pizza Pop-Up. We’re hoping to extend hospitality and good pizza in our neighborhood for the life of the world. More details can be found here.

Missed our service of Thanksgiving and Commissioning? You can read Nate’s charge to the fellows and hear more about the origins of the phrase “gospel con carne” over on our blog.

The Agape Year program is still taking applications for the 2018 cohort. To learn more about the Agape Year program and apply, visit its website here.

Nate and Erika Twichell are co-directors of the Agape Year program, a partnership between Anglican Global Mission Partners and Young Anglicans Project.