Assurance of Prayers and Solidarity

23rd October, A.D. 2012
Feast of St. James of Jerusalem

Dear Friends in Christ,

I wanted to write an open letter to assure you on behalf of your brothers and sisters of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh, and of the Anglican Church in North America, of our prayers and solidarity with you.

Pittsburgh and South Carolina have very different histories and sociologies.  Yet, in the last generation, we have shared a common vision that created and sustained the Seminary at Ambridge, that produced the two evangelizing and mission focused engines that are our dioceses, that changed the dynamics of the Episcopal Church, and that now share a common and painful rejection by the Church we loved and to which we contributed so much. 

The Anglican Church in North America has not been a fellowship whose life or development we have been able to share in common.  You have been within the Episcopal Church; we have not.  Nevertheless, I can assure you of the prayers all of us in the Anglican Church have always prayed – and will continue to pray – for the Diocese of South Carolina.. We also want to express our emotional and spiritual support for you as you wrestle with your path forward. 

The Diocese of South Carolina has much to consider as it seeks to build its post-Episcopal Church life.  I know you well enough to know that you will wisely take your time.  In this new season we offer the assurance of our prayers and a statement of solidarity that whatever we can do for you and with you we will.

The vision of a biblical, missionary, and united Anglicanism in North America – surely God’s vision for us – remains ours to labor for and to fulfill. 

Faithfully in Christ,
+Robert Pittsburgh

Archbishop, Anglican Church in North America
Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh