Second Bishop of New England Consecrated

On hand to officiate the ceremony and serve as Chief Consecrators were The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach, Archbishop and Primate of the Anglican Church in North America, The Rt. Rev. Bill Murdoch, First Bishop of the ADNE, The Rt. Rev. James Hobby, Bishop of Pittsburgh. Ten other ACNA bishops came from around the country, as well as Bishops James Ssebbala and Cranmer Mugisha of Uganda and Bishop Adam Andudu of South Sudan. The Rt. Rev. Bill Atwood, Bishop of the International Diocese of the Anglican Church in North America, delivered the sermon on the history of the province, its implications for the worldwide Church and for the local church, and the significance of the role that Bishop Williams will assume on behalf of New England and the Anglican Church in North America.

Over 600 guests were present for the celebration of this historical event as they welcomed Bishop Williams, who will continue on Bishop Murdoch’s legacy in the missionary diocese of New England. The event was held a block down the street from All Saints Anglican Cathedral at Holy Family Parish, a Roman Catholic church, with the blessing of Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston. A solemn procession began at the Cathedral, led by a bagpiper, and ended at Holy Family for the start of the ceremony. The service is a reminder of the ongoing ecumenical partnership between the ADNE and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, which has supported the ADNE in various ways since its inception. A luncheon for all the guests was held on the All Saints Cathedral property.

Bishop Williams graduated with an honors degree in theology and was ordained in the Diocese of Exeter in the Church of England in 2000. He spent six years serving as Associate Vicar of St. Andrew’s, Chorleywood, a vibrant suburban congregation just outside London. Since October 2009, he has been the Senior Pastor of Trinity Church in Greenwich, CT, with an area of focus in developing and overseeing a new outreach strategy through the creation and support of Mission Shaped Communities. “I am extremely grateful to everyone whose prayers and service have brought this day to fruition; and to Bishop Bill, for laying down an extraordinary foundation in Jesus Christ; I am humbled by the gift of trust given to me by the people of this diocese, in calling me to serve in the company of his heroes.”

Bishop Bill Murdoch, the founding bishop of the diocese, remarked, “the splendor of the day was only matched by the joy and love that filled the hearts of diocesan staff, team leadership, and all the clergy and lay people as we celebrated the transition of episcopal leadership from the first to second bishop of New England. The openness of the whole diocese’s love and commitment to one another and our new bishop brought us to a new beginning with great energy and joy.”

To read more about Bishop Andrew Williams, visit his webpage, with his submitted biography and answers to questions given during the discernment process:

2019 Call for Feedback on Proposed Canonical Amendments

The Governance Task Force (GTF) is a team from many dioceses of the Anglican Church in North America.  It includes attorneys, clergy, non-attorneys, and a Bishop.  Their challenging task is to draft new church laws (“canons”) and amend existing canons to be presented to the governing bodies (Provincial Council and Provincial Assembly) for adoption and ratification. The GTF was originally formed in 2008 to draft what became the Constitution and Canons of the Anglican Church in North America. Since then, the GTF’s main task is to receive feedback from diocesan chancellors, the Anglican Lawyers Network, and others for proposed changes to the constitution and canons as needed, and subsequently work to effectively draft the appropriate changes.

Proposed changes can range from changing the wording of a canon for more accuracy, efficiency, and protection, to adding new provisions as the need arises or is foreseeable.

This year, the proposed amendments include several that are revisited from last year after review from the College of Bishops as well as newly proposed changes.

While it is the Provincial Council and Provincial Assembly that have the authority to adopt and ratify amendments to the Constitution and Canons, leaders in the Church believe it is important to allow the entire province the opportunity to speak into these binding documents. “There’s a canon law maxim from Roman law, ‘That which touches all should be decided by all,’” Canon Phil Ashey, Chairman of the GTF, said.

So, this week, the Governance Task Force opens up its discussion to you, the Province.

As you’re reading through the proposed canonical changes, keep in mind that the GTF follows two principles, minimalism and subsidiarity. Minimalism guides the GTF to not create canons that are too complicated, in order to remain “missionally lean,” as Canon Phil described. The principle of subsidiarity fulfills the idea that governance is most effective at the level where it is most likely to be settled.  Subsidiarity means that many matters can therefore be left to the dioceses or congregations without having to enact a Provincial canon.

To have your voice heard, review the proposed canonical amendments and provide your feedback here by April 15, 2019.


February 19-20, 2019:  Review and recommendations by Executive Committee.

April 15, 2019:  Deadline for comments.

May 1, 2019:  GTF publishes Report with further adjustments (if necessary) to all ACNA Diocesan delegates to Provincial Council, Provincial Assembly and Diocesan Chancellors, with an invitation to submit any amendments no later than May 17.  GTF begins review of second round of comments and proposed amendments.

June 1, 2019:  GTF publishes Final Report to all ACNA Diocesan Delegates to Provincial Council and Diocesan Chancellors.

June 17-19, 2018:  GTF presents Final Report for approval in Plano TX by Provincial Council and Provincial Assembly 2019.

To learn more about the Governance Task Force, click here.


Matthew 25 New Grant Cycle Opens April 1

The Lord is doing such wonderful ministry through our family of congregations, reaching those who are suffering from poverty, homelessness, drug and alcohol addictions, trafficking victims, post incarceration, sexual brokenness, refugees in need, etc.  The Lord Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:40, “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” 

In the last 4 years, 84 Anglican Church in North America churches and ministries have received grants through the MT25i process to either begin a new ministry or continue their ministry to the “least of these.”  We are overwhelmed by the goodness of our Lord and the faithfulness of His people in our family of churches and to the generous donors making the grants possible.

To apply, download the grant application here. Email your completed application to by May 20, 2019.

We look forward to receiving your grant application with great excitement.  May the Lord continue to bless the ACNA and MT25i as we bring the Love of Jesus to those He loves so very much.

To learn more about the Matthew 25 initiative, visit their website.

To learn about the Matthew 25 Gathering back in February, click here.