Church Planters Boot camp to Take Place

Leaders actively involved in church planting, or interested in becoming a church planter, should make plans to attend the Titus Institute for Church Planting’s Church Planters Boot Camp at Church of the Apostles, Fairfax, Virginia. The four days of intensive training sessions will explore the principles and best practices needed to launch a church.

The camp will cover the answers to such questions as:

  • • What does God want to do? (What is His vision for the community?)
  • Who am I? (How will my gifts, skills, values and leadership style affect this ministry?)
  • What am I sent to do? (What is my specific assignment in this community?)
  • Who will do it with me? (How do I recruit people to fulfill God’s vision?)
  • How will we do it? (What steps will we take to start a healthy church?)
  • How will we evaluate our progress? (Are we accomplishing what God wants us to do?)
    • The goal is that each attendee will leave the Boot Camp with:

      • A draft Launch Plan for your new church, with the major elements of your ministry defined;
      • Key strategies fleshed out;
      • Accomplishable major milestones identified; and
      • An initial time line to follow.

      There are many training venues for church planters; few are sensitive to the sacramental and liturgical traditions our Anglican leaders bring to the table.

      The Boot Camp’s training process is based on an adult learning model built on direct involvement and group interaction, mixed with lecture-based presentations. Participants are helped to think through what they need to do and how, and then begin to develop a plan that will help to guide the process.

      Planters are encouraged to include their spouses, if married, and key members of their launch teams in order to provide a common conceptual framework for the work they are undertaking.  Instruction in the core concepts is interspersed with team exercises to allow planters and teams to flesh out how the principles will be translated into their setting.

      The Boot Camp’s training process is based on an adult learning model built on direct involvement and group interaction, mixed with lecture-based presentations. Participants are helped to think through what they need to do and how, and then begin to develop a plan that will help to guide the process.

      The Church Planters Boot Camp is also beneficial for those who have recently planted churches; it helps to clarify missional strategy and discern aspects of church planting that may be overlooked.

      Dates and Time October 17-20, 2016 Sessions will run from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cost DOMA is subsidizing all fees for training, materials, lunch, and snacks. Registration Register at our site by October 7, 2016.  Planters and Teams from the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic should use promotion code DOMABC2016. For more information, email or


Anglican pastor finds creative expression in painting watercolors

One of the more pleasant surprises I have experienced in life was the emergence of some latent artistic talent. My retired Marine Corps dad, had discovered painting in-between careers, but found watercolors frustrating so he passed them along to me. As a pastor, I rarely had a lot of free time, but one day, tired of TV and other rote stress relievers, I pulled out my dad’s watercolors and…hmmm? Is this how you do it? I wasn’t sure, but by God’s grace, I happened to “run into” Alan Morris a very gifted watercolor artist who took me under his wing, and a new passion was born!

Since that time in 2004, I have enjoyed the wonder of creating vibrant, loose, and realistic abstractions, often getting lost in them for hours. I call them “Living Watercolors” after Jesus’ promise to cause living waters to flow in the hearts of believers. (John 7:38) Every time I paint I have sense of wonder, awe, beauty, (along with some frustration), as colors and lines come together to tell a story.


“Allen” is a painting I did back in 2014. He has a wonderful story of redemption and healing that came about through Neighbor 2 Neighbor, one of our ministry partners in SouthEast Raleigh. Allen graciously allowed me to paint him as part of a sabbatical project of redemptive paintings/stories that culminated in an art show.


The pursuit of creative expression gives me a greater appreciation for the creative beauty and genius of our God. I can certainly understand how so much of scripture uses natural imagery to illustrate the faith.


Its been a blessing to be able to give the gift of an animal portrait when a friend is grieving the loss of a beloved pet. I am grateful to the Lord that he has allowed me the ability for this relatively late passion.

(Many of Patrick’s works can be seen at his website or by following him on Facebook or Instagram @pdomingu)

Convergence Conference scheduled for October 11-12, 2016, at Asbury

The Convergence will take place on October 11 and 12, spanning two days. The conference is designed to help church leaders recover ancient pathways for formation and mission in contemporary ministry by bringing together Scripture, Spirit, and Sacrament. This event will feature guest Speakers Bishop Todd Hunter (Churches for the Sake of Others) and Rev. Ashley Mathews (Eastside Parish Pastor, Trinity Anglican, Atlanta), while Marty Reardon (Worship Pastor, Trinity Anglican, Atlanta) will lead us in sacramental worship each day.

In addition to each of these chapel services, they will be hosting three distinct workshops for those in attendance. These include: Convergent Worship and Liturgy, Ancient Spiritual Practices, and Sacramental Mission and Church Planting. Winfied Bevins commented saying, “We live in an exciting time where the Lord is bringing together a convergence of Scripture, Spirit, and Sacrament. I am thrilled to announce that Asbury Seminary is hosting Convergence, a free two-day event devoted to exploring the unity and diversity of these three streams within the context of contemporary ministry! It is our honor to invite you to join us as we seek to encounter a deeper understanding of how God is using the three streams to expand His Kingdom. I hope you will join us!”

For more information, please contact Ross Jenkins at or to register please visit our registration site.

We also have a block of rooms available at the Asbury Inn and you may book a room at the Asbury Inn site. Just be sure to mention in your comments that you are attending Convergence.