Uniting the Americas   Uniendo las Americas

It’s time for a Biblical and missionary Anglicanism!” shared Archbishop Tito Zavala announcing along with Canon William Beasley, the director of the Greenhouse movement, the approval of the letter that leaders and bishops from Caminemos Juntos 2014 in Chicago had sent to the GAFCON primates. This letter requested permission for Bishop Miguel Uchoa of the Diocese of Recife in Brazil to provide covering for orthodox Anglican churches in Central America and the North of South America who have abandoned their dioceses and are searching for episcopal covering. The approval of this letter now opens the door for the planting of churches in those countries and for connection for churches that have been isolated and alone.

Caminemos Juntos began with a visión for a church planting movement among Latinos in North America. Now, with the blessing of GAFCON, this vision has expanded to seeing a united movement of latino churches throughout the Americas. After this announcement in the Friday evening plenary session, the leaders present prayed for Bishop Uchoa and commissioned him for this great task. Thanks be to God!

Centrality of Discipleship
Discipleship was one of the key themes of the conference this year. “Jesus says the workers are few. Why are there few workers?” asked Archbishop Foley Beach in his plenary message. “The workers are are few because we have forgotten how to make disciples. To plant churches and raise up workers we need to re-learn how to make disciples.”

Youth Conference
More than 40 youth from different parts of of the United States came together under the theme “Receiving from God, Blessings Others.” They were challenged by Joe “D”, Anglican missionary with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) to be a part of God’s global mission.

Testimonies from CJ15:
“God encouraged us to stay attentive to his voice because he was going to speak to us in some way during Caminemos Juntos…and so he did! God is faithful! -Aixa Pellot. For more testimonies click here.

Program and Conference Booklet from CJ15
Pictures from CJ15

Save the Date: Caminemos Juntos USA 2016 will be August 4-6 at Rancho Hills Church in San Diego,

¡Ya es hora para un Anglicanismo bíblico y misionero!” compartió el Arzobispo Tito Zavala al anunciar, junto con Canon William Beasley, el director del movimiento Greenhouse, la aprobación de la carta que los líderes y obispos de Caminemos Juntos 2014 en Chicago mandaron a los primados de GAFCON. Esta carta pedía que se le diera permiso al Obispo Miguel Uchoa de Recife, Brazil para proveer cobertura a iglesias Anglicanas Bíblicas y ortodoxas en Centro América y el Norte de Sudamérica que han abandonado sus Diócesis por problemas de conciencia y hoy buscan una cobertura episcopal. La aprobación de esta carta ahora abre las puertas para la plantación de iglesias en esos países y conexión para iglesias que hasta ahora han estado solas.

Caminemos Juntos comenzó con una visión de un movimiento de plantación de iglesias en Norte América. Ahora con la bendición de los primados de GAFCON esta visión se ha expandido para ser un movimiento unido de iglesias Latinas en toda las Américas. Después de este anuncio en la sesión plenaria del viernes por la noche, los lideres presentes oraron por el Obispo Uchoa y lo comisionaron para esta gran tarea. ¡Demos gracias a Dios!

Centralidad del Discipulado
Uno de los temas centrales de la conferencia este año fue el discipulado. “Jesús nos dice que los trabajadores son pocos. ¿Por que son pocos?” preguntó el Arzobispo Foley Beach en su mensaje. “Los trabajadores son pocos porque se nos ha olvidado como hacer discípulos. Para plantar iglesias y levantar trabajadores necesitamos aprender de nuevo a hacer discípulos.”

Conferencia de Jóvenes
Mas de 40 jóvenes de distintas partes de Estados Unidos se reunieron bajo el tema: “Recibiendo la Bendición de Dios, Bendiciendo a Otros.” Fueron retados por “D”, misionero Anglicano con JUCUM (Juventud Con Una Misión), a ser parte de la misión global de Dios.

Testimonios de CJ15:
“Dios nos alentó a estar pendientes a su voz, pues Él iba a hablarnos de alguna forma durante Caminemos Juntos y así lo hizo. ¡Dios es fiel!” -Aixa Pellot. Más testimonios aquí.

Programa de Caminemos Juntos y Conversaciones en el Camino
Fotos de CJ2015

Guarde la Fecha: Caminemos Juntos USA 2016 será en Agosto 4-6 en Rancho Hills Church, San Diego, California

Almost Anonymous: Giving is Never Really Secret.

A few years ago Anonymous was moved by a random email from a bishop within the ACNA.  This man was at a particularly prayerful and important time in his life. He was near retirement; he had sold a business. And he was waiting for guidance from the Lord on how to best honor Him for His provision. The random email from the bishop sparked his imagination. Subsequently through prayer, Anonymous landed on Isaiah 58 as the inspiration for what God was calling him to do.

Isaiah 58 reads (in part), “Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the straps of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke?  Is it not to share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house; when you see the naked, to cover him, and not to hide yourself from your own flesh?” (This is what Jesus echoes in Matthew 25.)

This man was convinced that God was calling him to set aside a significant amount of money for the work of compassion and outreach to the poor. He contacted our Archbishop and asked if funds might be needed within the ACNA. (Archbishop Beach subsequently called the effort to place these funds The Matthew 25 Initiative.)

Fast-forward a few years.  Last March, through our Archbishop, I was asked to meet this man and help find a way to make this vision happen.

More specific details of the matching fund program called The Matthew 25 Initiative are available at the link and applicants are urged to apply for matching grants.  Significant funds have already been given; good work is being done around the ACNA because of this effort. New ministries and new applications are hoped for soon.  See details at the site.

But I want to consider a deeper issue: Anonymous is anonymous…almost. He cares about being obedient more than being known. He cares about faithfulness over fame. And God is using him and these resources for the advance of the Gospel and for the good of the poor and marginalized.

But, in fact, nothing we do is really ever anonymous.  It can only be mostly anonymous. There is One who knows…and for all those who give and give freely and in secret, there is One who sees in secret.  Jesus said, “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” (Matthew 6:3-4)

This article was reproduced with permission from AnglicanPastor.com.

Anglican leaders received in Moscow

The delegation made a pilgrimage to the monastery of the Holy Trinity and St. Sergius on Monday, August 24th before beginning meetings with Metropolitan Hilarion , chairman of the Department for External Church Relations on Tuesday, August 25th.  Later in the day, the conversations continued when the delegation was officially received by Patriarch Kirill at his residence. 

Patriarch Kirill gave thanks for the Anglican Church in North America’s courageous witness in the midst of the dual challenges of an increasingly secular western culture, and an environment of religious compromise:

“Your church went through a very difficult period of its history, and the faithful took courage and had the ability to respond to a great temptation. There are two models of the behavior of the Church and of Christians. One involves obedience to the secular power and the powerful forces that have an impact on social development. The other model involves the ability to speak the truth and to remain faithful to the Christian message.”

During the communist era, the Russian Orthodox Church suffered decades of severe persecution.  This week the Anglican delegation saw a transformed religious landscape in which Christian symbols now dominate Red Square and Moscow, and new churches are being planted across the country (on average 1,000 per year for the last 27 years). 

image Both the Russian Orthodox Church and the Anglican Church in North America expressed a desire to see the growth and deepening of relationships between Orthodoxy and faithful, global Anglicanism.  Archbishop Beach delivered a letter of greeting from Archbishop Wabukala, the Archbishop and Primate of Kenya, and Chairman of the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (GAFCON).

As the realignment of Anglicanism continues to unfold, Archbishop Beach gave thanks for the common ground that the faithful of both churches are finding on the practical moral issues that confront our societies:

“Globalization has increased the effect that we have on one another, and at a time when the family is being threatened by forces that would seek to redefine marriage, normalize sexual compromise, and fund the slaughter of unborn children, it is an encouragement to have a strong and unwavering partner in the Russian Orthodox Church on these issues.”

The relationship between Anglicans and Orthodoxy has a rich history dating back to the English Reformation where the recovery of the biblical Gospel was accompanied by a recognition of the common Patristic heritage the two churches share. Cranmer incorporated an Eastern Orthodox prayer, called the epiclesis, into his 1549 edition of the Book of Common Prayer, which eventually made its way into the American prayer book. The mutual affection between Anglicans and Russian Orthodoxy has had a variety of expressions over the centuries, from Bishop Grafton and Patriarch Tikhon to Archbishop Ramsey and Patriarch Alexei.

The armed conflicts of the 20th century and the liberal theological innovations of some Anglicans in the early 21st century have hindered the relationship between the churches, but this meeting constituted an important step toward a new era of ecumenism between Anglicanism and Russian Orthodoxy.

The delegation from the Anglican Church in North America was headed by Archbishop Foley Beach, Bishop Ray Sutton (Dean of Ecumenical Affairs), Bishop Kevin Allen (Chair of the North American Anglican – Orthodox dialogue), Bishop Keith Ackerman, Dr. Moheb Ghali, and The Rev. Canon Andrew Gross.

They were also joined by Fr. Chad Hatfield, Chancellor of St. Vladimir’s Seminary in New York and a member of the North American Anglican-Orthodox dialogue.

In addition to the official meeting, the delegation visited the Donskoy Monastery, the Church of St. Catherine, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and worshiped at the church of The Joy of All Who Sorrow.


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