Remissioning the Church Conference

It is sponsored by Kardia Church Planting Initiative and the Diocese of the Carolinas and is designed to help Anglican clergy and lay leaders fulfill God’s mission in the local church. The plenary addresses and workshops will explore a variety of issues relating to mission such as: discipleship, prayer, worship, and outreach. 

Plenary speakers will include Bishops Michael Nazir-Ali, Steve Wood, John Guernsey, and Steve Breedlove. Workshops will be lead by church leaders from across the Anglican world including John Yates III, Canon Dan Algers, Canon Winfield Bevins, Tommy Hinson, Patrick Dominguez, as well as many others. Andy Piercy, director of the School of Worship will lead the worship as well as a workshop for worship leaders.

This event will be helpful for new and existing churches as well as clergy, worship leaders and lay leaders alike. This will be a wonderful time for Anglicans from across the province to come together for a time of fellowship and learning as we seek to live out the mission of God together in our churches.

To find out more information and to register online please visit

Tornadoes Affect Anglican Churches in the Midwest

This last weekend, worshipers at churches in the Diocese of Quincy had their services interrupted by warning sirens, and hurriedly made their way downstairs. Their churches were spared, but one of the largest tornadoes to hit Illinois in 60 years devastated parts of Tazewell County, south of Peoria.  The diocese is coordinating a relief effort for those who lost their homes in the storm.  You can learn more here: For more info see:

Later that same day, Christ the King Anglican Church in Kokomo, Indiana lost it’s worship space and all of their belongings as a tornado destroyed the mall in which they meet.  Thankfully, no one was present in the space when the storm hit.  As the congregation begins the process of finding a new space you are invited to pray and donate items that are needed for worship.  You can learn more here:

Prayer and Support for the People of the Philippines

From Archbishop Duncan:

As the news reports of typhoon Haiyan’s aftermath in the Philippines have begun to emerge, the damage and loss of life have been far more significant than many expected.  I invite your prayers of comfort for those who have been impacted by this disaster,  and your prayers for endurance and protection for those who will care for them in the days ahead.

It is one of the tragic ironies of this storm that the over-abundance of water that created the devastation is now followed by an acute lack of clean drinking water.  The Anglican Relief and Development fund and Water Missions have partnered together to provide immediate assistance. I encourage you, your parish, and your diocese to support this work in the week ahead. 

From Anglican Relief and Development:

More than 10,000 people are estimated to have been killed by Typhoon Haiyan in the central Philippines and over 600,000 have been displaced.

Relief assistance is in short supply as aid workers struggle to reach remote towns and villages still cut off from the outside since the storm made landfall on Friday. Huge waves and winds of almost 200 mph destroyed 70-80% of the structures in the storm’s path resulting in as yet untold devastation. The typhoon may have been the strongest recorded storm ever to make landfall.

Relief needs include water, food, shelter and medical care.

Please pray for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan, for quick disaster response, overflowing generosity from donors around the world, and God’s mercy upon the disaster response process.

Urgent: safe drinking water is perhaps the most pressing need. Therefore, ARDF is partnering with Water Missions International to provide clean water for victims of this tragedy.

Please make a donation now to provide clean drinking water to victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

Thank you for your compassionate support. We cannot respond to this disaster without you.

All gifts are used as designated.  However, in the unlikely event that a relief effort becomes over-funded, your gift will be applied to other disaster needs as they arise. 85% of funds donated to Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief will be used for the relief and recovery in the affected areas with 15% used for administrative costs including the credit card fees.