Update on Archbishop Duncan’s Health

Nairobi, Kenya - During the last week, Archbishop Duncan of the Anglican Church in North America has been fighting an infection that has come as a result of an abscessed tooth.

This morning (October 22nd, 2013), after the current prescription antibiotics were deemed to be insufficient, the Archbishop was attended to by the head of dental surgery at The Nairobi Hospital.  Thankfully, The Nairobi Hospital is blessed with an excellent medical facility and staff, treating patients both from Kenya, and the larger East Africa region.

The doctor recommended a round of intravenous antibiotics, and Archbishop Duncan is resting comfortably in a private room with his wife Nara at his side.

Archbishop Duncan thanks you for your prayers, and asks for your continued prayer for the Global Anglican Future Conference. 

Gafcon Daily Digest

The Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) begins Monday, October 21st where the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) will be represented by 150 delegates from across the United States and Canada.

These delegates will be joined by Anglicans from Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas for six days of common worship, teaching, and fellowship.  You can follow GAFCON in general and the ACNA delegation in particular on the web at: www.anglicanchurch.net/?/main/gafcon

This website includes everything you need to follow the proceedings:

  • The conference schedule
  • A “Daily Digest” recapping the session highlights
  • Real-time social media engagement via Twitter (no account needed)
  • Access to the live video feed courtesy of AnglicanTV

Please feel free to pass along this link to your diocese, parish family, and Anglican friends.

Texts for Common Prayer

Included here are the Offices of Daily Morning and Evening Prayer, and the Holy Communion (Long Form and Short Form), as well as Supplemental Canticles for Worship.  These are all the “working” forms approved by the College of Bishops for use in the Province.  Also bound with these working texts is The Ordinal which has been adopted and authorized as The Ordinal of the Province.

A book form of Texts for Common Prayer will, God willing, be available from Anglican House Publishers, to be distributed by Amazon at $7.95 per copy by January 1st.  Many thanks to Ron Speers and his team for making this work available to the Church.

Texts for Common Prayer is available for download here.

Each Diocesan Bishop will need to determine how these texts are to be used in his diocese.  There is no compulsion under Title II, Canon 2, allowing the use of all the rites common in the Province at the time of our foundation, limiting only anything “contrary to the Word of God.”  The Texts for Common Prayer will be used for Provincial gatherings.

We are grateful for the exceptional work of the Liturgy and Common Worship Task Force led by Bishop Bill Thompson.  As you worship using these “working” texts for Morning and Evening Prayer and Holy Communion, the Task Force invites your feedback here: liturgytaskforce@anglicanchurch.net.

You might also find these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) helpful as you work with the Texts for Common Prayer.