Eucharist Church: A vibrant Anglican church in the heart of SF


Worship 2016Eucharist Church is a vibrant, young church passionate about Christ and His Kingdom. Our mission is to be formed into a community of disciples who live all of life in reference to Christ. We seek to connect ancient forms of worship and classic Christian faith to the lives of 21st-century people. Come join us for worship and discipleship! Visitors are welcome.

  • Location: 1504 Bryant Street, San Francisco
  • Worship – 10:00am, Sundays; email Fr. Ryan ( Childcare provided for small children
  • Catechesis / Spiritual Formation – 9:00am, Sundays (what is a catechumenate?)
  • Table Groups – small groups in homes that meet weekly (email for more info)
  • Facebook page – Pictures of Gatherings: worship service, special community event

The Catechumenate: A big part of our vision for reaching post-Christian culture with the Christian gospel

Some of our clergy and staff…

Rector: Father Ryan (and wife, Elizabeth)
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Pastor of Families, Community Life and Outreach: Rev. Joshua Drake (wife, Alicia and daughters)
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Deacon: Rev. Kyle Logan
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What would it be like to live all of life in reference to Christ?

We’re gathering families, children, teenagers, retirees, singles, people coming from all walks of life… let’s follow Jesus together! We don’t think we’re better than others. We’re just beggars telling each other where we found Bread. Humility and faith are right at the heart of our message. We are, because He IS!

About our name: Eucharist is the ancient Christian word used to describe the central elements of Christian worship: the bread and wine which Christians receive by faith as the living presence of the crucified and resurrected Jesus. The original Greek word simply means “thanksgiving.”

Our Diocese and Bishop: Churches for the Sake of Others is a missionary diocese of the Anglican Church in North America focused on planting new congregations all across America. Within the Bay Area there are currently six sister Anglican congregations who are part of our diocese. Our Bishop is Todd Hunter. Bishop Todd had a wide variety of experience leading in various Christian contexts before being ordained as an Anglican Bishop. He serves as the Rector of Holy Trinity Church in Costa Mesa, California, in addition to his duties as a bishop, speaker, professor, and author. He is married to Debbie and has two adult children.


Welcome to San Francisco Anglicans


Copy of SF Logo Background 3Welcome to San Francisco Anglicans! This website exists to help people get connected to congregations in the Bay Area that are affiliated with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). If you’d like to get connected with a local priest in San Francisco, please feel free to reach out to Fr. Ryan Jones – or 415.685.3429. If you’re looking more broadly at the Bay Area, please reach out to Fr. Ed McNeill – who is the Dean offering oversight of the Bay Area congregations connected to Churches for the Sake of Others (ACNA diocese).

If you’re looking for an Anglican congregation in San Francisco itself, Eucharist Church is what you’re looking for (since we’re the only ACNA congregation currently). We are a young congregation made up of Anglican transplants, newly confirmed Anglicans, people who appreciate a three-stream (Evangelical, Charismatic and Sacramental) approach to worship, seekers and more.

We look forward to getting to meet you!

The Diocese of South Carolina votes to affiliate with the Anglican Church in North America

By Mary Ailes

Summerville, SC (March 11, 2017)—The Diocese of South Carolina voted today to affiliate with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). The vote, which was held during their 226th Convention, was unanimous in both orders (clergy and laity).

“I cast my vote to affiliate with the ACNA with eager and expectant faith,” said the Rt. Rev. Mark J. Lawrence, the 14th Bishop of South Carolina during his address to the convention. “I believe God has called us to this and I believe we will find a deeper richness in our vocation, fuller fellowship in the Spirit, a more zealous thrust in mission.”

“But most of all, I believe a door will be opened, the fresh winds of the Spirit will blow, and a caged eagle will soar,” Bishop Lawrence said.

“I am thankful for Bishop Mark Lawrence, for his steadfast and Godly leadership, for his friendship, and for his humility throughout this entire process,” the Most Rev. Foley Beach, Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America, told the more than 350 convention delegates and clergy meeting in convention at St. Paul’s Church in Summerville, SC.

“As the Diocese of South Carolina you are known for your generosity to the wider Church through the Mere Anglicanism conference and the Anglican Leadership Institute,” said Archbishop Beach. “Your witness in mission, in scholarship, and steadfast commitment to the historical teaching of the Bible is commendable.”

“You are bringing with you many gifts that will further strengthen our Province, and the larger Anglican world,” Archbishop Beach said.

The Anglican Church in North America will formally receive the Diocese of South Carolina at the Provincial Assembly in June.

Established in 1785, the Diocese of South Carolina was one of the nine original dioceses of The Episcopal Church in the United States that organized after the American Revolution. Following the attempt by the Episcopal Church to remove Bishop Lawrence in October 2012, the Diocese immediately disassociated. That decision was reaffirmed by the Diocesan Convention in November 2012. In doing so, they joined four other Episcopal dioceses that also voted to disaffiliate from the Episcopal Church: the Diocese of San Joaquin (CA), the Diocese of Pittsburgh (PA), the Diocese of Quincy (IL), and the Diocese of Fort Worth (TX).

In 2014, the Diocese of South Carolina accepted provisional primatial oversight from the Primatial Oversight Council of the Global South Primates of the Anglican Communion. At the 223rd Convention of the Diocese of South Carolina, the Task Force for Provincial Affiliation was established to explore the possibilities for a new affiliation for the diocese.

The Task Force considered different possible affiliations as well as non-affiliation, but ultimately focused on the possible affiliation with the Anglican Church in North America.

The Diocese of South Carolina entered a season of prayer and discernment that included deanery meetings that brought together the laity and the clergy from across the diocese for regional and parish conversations. This was followed by the presentation of a resolution to vote on officially joining the Anglican Church in North America at the next convention, which was held today.

The Diocese of South Carolina includes 53 active churches, with 22,149 baptized members and 142 clergy. The average Sunday attendance is 9,085. They will become the largest diocese in the Anglican Church in North America.

In addition to the regular business of convention, the Diocese of South Carolina also presented to the public a variety of ministry-related workshops that included: Racial Reconciliation: Bridging the Cultural Divide with the Rev. Jimmy Gallant, the Rev. Gary Beson, the Rev. Donnel Liferidge (REC pastor), the Rev. David Booman, and the Rev. Al Zadig; Engaging Changing Cultures with the Very Rev. Peet Dickinson and the Rev. Patrick Schlabs; God’s Global Mission: Where Do You Fit In? with Jenny Noyes, Executive Director of New Wineskins and the Rev. Bob Lawrence, Chairman of the Anglican Communion Development Committee; Energizing the Laity to Serve with the Very Rev. Chuck Owens; and Small Church—Big God—Great Commission! with the Rev. Janet Echols and the Rev. David Thurlow.

For more information on the Diocese of South Carolina, visit their website here.

Read the press release from the Diocese of South Carolina here.

Mary Ailes is the Director of Communications for the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic.

Phase Two of the Matthew 25 Initiative is now online!

The Matthew 25 Initiative was established after Archbishop Foley Beach outlined his vision to use a generous grant from an anonymous donor to help churches reach the poor and needy in their communities. After only eighteen months of effort and development of these programs, the Matthew 25 fund has helped support nearly 40 new ministries. On Monday, March 6, 2017, Phase Two of the Matthew 25 Initiative will launch.

For this phase of the initiative, Archbishop Beach secured a dollar-for-dollar matching gift of up to $1,000,000 if the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) can raise $1,000,000.

Now, as financial support is being raised within the province, the Matthew 25 Initiative is opening up a grant request cycle to receive a new set of applications from programs and ministries within the ACNA. As these applications are received, studied, and prayed over, they are also juried by a group of leaders within the ACNA who have extensive experience in this level of outreach ministry.

If you are an interested ministry you can apply for a grant from Matthew 25 for between $3,000 and $25,000. 

Click here to download the grant application.

Remaining Prayer Book Working Texts Now Available

Nearly all the remaining working texts proposed for the Book of Common Prayer 2019, approved by the College of Bishops in January, are now available online as PDF and Word documents at  Of special interest immediately will be the proposed rites for Ash Wednesday and Holy Week.  For those who employ the Great Litany during Lent, that working text is also now available. 
Feedback on all the newly released texts, as well as the texts that have previously been made available since 2013, is invited from every member of the Anglican Church at
More than 400 feedback emails have been received and catalogued over the last three years.  The Liturgy Task Force is now beginning to consider, evaluate, and incorporate these responses.  The Liturgy Task Force has now also adopted its feedback consideration schedule: by the end of 2017 the Task Force hopes to finalize the texts for the offices and eucharists and then will use 2018 to finalize all the other Prayer Book texts.  Those wishing to help the Church achieve the best possible worship texts for its 2019 Book of Common Prayer should keep this consideration schedule in mind.