Eucharist Church: A vibrant Anglican church in the heart of SF


Eucharist Church is a vibrant, young church passionate about Christ and His Kingdom. Our mission is to be formed into a community of disciples who live all of life in reference to Christ. We seek to connect ancient forms of worship and classic Christian faith to the lives of 21st-century people. Come join us for worship and discipleship! Visitors are welcome.

  • Location: 1504 Bryant Street, San Francisco
  • Worship – 10:00am, Sundays; email Fr. Ryan ( program for pre-k to elementary aged kids available during the sermon
  • Catechesis / Spiritual Formation – 9:00am, Sundays
  • Table Groups – small groups in homes that meet weekly
  • Facebook page – Pictures of Gatherings: worship service, special community event
  • The Catechumenate: A big part of our vision for reaching post-Christian culture with the Christian gospel

Rector: Father Ryan (and wife, Elizabeth)
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Associate Rector: Fr. Kyle Logan
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What would it be like to live all of life in reference to Christ?

We’re gathering families, children, teenagers, retirees, singles, people coming from all walks of life… to follow Jesus together! We don’t think we’re better than others. We’re just beggars telling each other where we found Bread. Humility and faith are right at the heart of our message. We are, because He IS!

About our name: Eucharist is the ancient Christian word used to describe the central elements of Christian worship: the bread and wine which Christians receive by faith as the living presence of the crucified and resurrected Jesus. The original Greek word simply means “thanksgiving.”

Our Diocese and Bishop: Churches for the Sake of Others is a missionary diocese of the Anglican Church in North America focused on planting new congregations all across America. Within the Bay Area there are currently six sister Anglican congregations who are part of our diocese. Our Bishop is Todd Hunter. Bishop Todd had a wide variety of experience leading in various Christian contexts before being ordained as an Anglican Bishop. He serves as the Rector of Holy Trinity Church in Costa Mesa, California, in addition to his duties as a bishop, speaker, professor, and author. He is married to Debbie and has two adult children.


Welcome to San Francisco Anglicans


Copy of SF Logo Background 3Welcome to San Francisco Anglicans! This website exists to help people get connected to congregations in the Bay Area that are affiliated with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). If you’d like to get connected with a local priest in San Francisco, please feel free to reach out to Fr. Ryan Jones – or 415.685.3429. If you’re looking more broadly at the Bay Area, please reach out to Fr. Ed McNeill – who is the Dean offering oversight of the Bay Area congregations connected to Churches for the Sake of Others (ACNA diocese).

If you’re looking for an Anglican congregation in San Francisco itself, Eucharist Church is what you’re looking for (since we’re the only ACNA congregation currently). We are a young congregation made up of Anglican transplants, newly confirmed Anglicans, people who appreciate a three-stream (Evangelical, Charismatic and Sacramental) approach to worship, seekers and more.

We look forward to getting to meet you!

A Holy Week Message from Archbishop Beach

Though it will take years, there is hope that the church will be rebuilt. This event has united, in both grief and a commitment to generosity, everyone from committed Christians to casual tourists to avowed secularists. What a unique moment! But it didn’t end there. In a most amazing, and perhaps providential, way, the tragedy that struck one of the world’s great cathedrals also led many to give to restore three historic, black churches recently burned in Louisiana.

Donations to the Louisiana churches have sky rocketed over the last few days, in large part due to the increased news coverage, awareness, and care generated because of the Notre Dame fire. The situations are, of course, not equivalent. There is a vast difference between alleged hate crimes and an accident, and few buildings in the world can compare to Notre Dame. Nevertheless, it has been encouraging to see compassion go viral and bring hope to each community. Pray with me that the Lord will use these events to spark healing and fresh revival in both Europe and North America.

The truth is that the Lord always rebuilds His Church. It is true everywhere.

We should remember this life-changing truth straight from the Gospel itself because it applies in the life of every believer, congregation, diocese, and province. Jesus promised that the Gates of Hell would not prevail against the Church. In this hope, we have entered Holy Week.

Jesus was not speaking about buildings, of course. Buildings are not the church. Jesus was calling upon those who confess that He is the Son of God to be the Church. He was saying, “Take notice: the powers of darkness, the gates of hell, the pressures of an evil world will never silence the people and the proclamation of Jesus as the Messiah and Son of God.”

This is our common mission in the Anglican Church in North America. It remains clear no matter what we may face or what may face us!

As you walk through this Holy Season, please keep this in mind. Our mission is unchanged: to reach North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed Holy Week and a glorious Easter.

The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach
Archbishop and Primate, Anglican Church in North America

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The Book of Common Prayer 2019 Final Texts Released

These texts can be found on the new Book of Common Prayer (BCP) website here. Commemorative editions marking the 10-year anniversary of the Anglican Church in North America will be released at Provincial Assembly in June, and pew editions will be made available for purchase shortly thereafter.

In 2009, at the formation of the Anglican Church in North America, Archbishop Robert Duncan announced three goals for the province: to plant churches, to develop a Catechism, and to formulate a new version of The Book of Common Prayer. Duncan, who is also the Chair of the Liturgy Task Force, commented, “The prayer book has taken the longest. It had to be done right and it will shape our life for years to come, generations to come. Our mission is to reach North America with the transforming love of Jesus and, indeed, that’s what this prayer book [helps us do].”

In 1549, The Book of Common Prayer was a revolutionary addition to the life of the Church. During the Reformation, as the movement sought to make Scripture more accessible for the lay person, Archbishop Cranmer also sought to make the prayers and liturgy more accessible. He did so by creating The Book of Common Prayer – a compilation of prayers and liturgy based on Scripture in the language of the English people.  During the Reformation, the prayer book went through various revisions, but The Book of Common Prayer 1662 has become the standard. The result has been described as “the Scriptures arranged for worship.”

“It has been, from the beginning, a basic and reliable way for Christians to pray,” Duncan said. The Book of Common Prayer 2019 seeks to continue this same function but set in the context of today’s Church. “What the 2019 does is take what was good from the modern liturgical renewal and also what was lost from the tradition,” Duncan says.

Like the Catechism, pieces of The Book of Common Prayer 2019 have already been translated and more translations are coming. Duncan admits he has already had calls from other provinces looking to the Liturgy Task Force for direction in developing their own revised prayer book.

As for the impact on the Anglican Church in North America, he believes the BCP 2019 will help to shape generations. After cultural revolution swept England in the 16th and 17th centuries, “the 1662 book was settling and stabilizing.”  Duncan continued, “That very well may be the role that this prayer book has, and we have a hunch it’s going to be very useful and appropriate for the 21st century.”

In addition to facilitating corporate worship and encouraging the prayer life of individuals, The Book of Common Prayer also provides parents with the tools to help revitalize the spiritual life of the home. The Family Prayer liturgies “give families very simple ways of beginning to shape their children in a way of daily praying, of engaging Scripture, and of beginning to grow as Anglicans.”

All of these resources are available for download on the BCP website. The Liturgy Task Force wants “to make the texts – in Word and PDFs – very accessible. We want to do everything we can to help these texts go deep into the life of the Church.”

To download the final texts of The Book of Common Prayer 2019, click here.
To view the prototype and estimated price of the hardcopy BCP, click here.

Moving Towards Multiplication: A Summary of the Caminemos Juntos Americas Conference

The conference was put on in partnership between the Anglican Church of Chile, the Anglican Church in Brazil, the Anglican Church in North America and the Gafcon church planting network.

Bishops, pastors, lay ministers and participants arrived from Panama, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, the United States, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and Chile and shared a time loaded with passion, joy, unity and vision, welcoming practical tools and resources to take back with us to our different contexts.

Through plenary meetings, morning bible studies, workshops and presentations, we discovered different church planting and revitalization models, relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirit and depending on God more than set programs.

As a result, more than 30 people have made a commitment to start a process of planting new churches, 10 have shown interest in becoming cross-cultural missionaries and others have joined intercession and communication teams!

Also with great joy, the new album of Adoremos Juntos (United Adoration) was also released during the conference. It includes songs in English, Spanish and Portuguese which were written by latino Anglican worship leaders and songwriters from throughout the Americas at previous Caminemos Juntos conferences. You can hear the songs and download the lyrics and chords here: These original missional songs are being sung throughout the Americas and serve to mobilize the Latino church and the global church more broadly toward mission.

The most relevant topics shared were those related to church planting, revitalization and developing new leaders through intentional discipleship and formal training. One encouraging testimony shared was that of 27 new churches that have been planted in Brazil in these past 13 years.

Two models of church planting were presented: The Spontaneous Planting Model (Brazil) and the Deep Planting Model (Chile) both offering similar characteristics regarding the required process needed. The key is to train disciples who will make new disciples. Each require time and training; prayer (including prayer walks); showing God’s love in practical ways and engaging in new friendships. In summary what is required is to living a missionary lifestyle! We were encouraged to change from inviting people to church or church activities / meetings. Instead today the challenge is to meet the people where they are and start discovery bible study groups were they gather (houses, coffee shops, places of work, etc.). It’s time to mobilize our churches, unleash lay leadership and boost collaborative team work.

Many workshops were offered, all with a vibrant and practical focus: Equipping and Forming Leaders, Campus Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Church Planting and “Semillero” /  CEP (Chilean training programs). The conference ended with a communion and commissioning service.

For those of us who travelled from Argentina, it was a great blessing to be there. We came back to our country renewed in our faith, encouraged and full of practical tools to apply in our local churches.

These are some of the comments we received:

“It was a wonderful gathering where we’ve been taught and equipped by the Holy Spirit to revitalize God’s church. We were given good tools and testimonies for church plantation. Thank God for this gift!” Andy Lenton - pastor.

“Each conference of Caminemos Juntos is different, but the expectation of hearing God’s voice is always the same! Each devotional, plenary meeting, workshop and time of praise and worship has been totally enriching. Sharing with brothers and sisters from different countries and learning about what God is doing is so encouraging. I can’t wait for the next conference!” Adrián Torres - lay minister.

“A lovely time packed with learning and sharing. We’ve come back renewed, inspired, with new ideas, contacts and more challenges ahead. We must continue working together as an Anglican family in unity and growth, walking together!” Andy Del Bueno - lay minister.

We look forward to gathering again soon! The next conference of Caminemos Juntos Américas,  will take place next year in Brazil in September or October of 2020.

Sylvine Macdonald lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and together with her husband Adrian is a member of the Caminemos Juntos Embassador Team, one of the leadership teams tasked with providing vision and direction for the movement.

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