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Copy of SF Logo Background 3Welcome to San Francisco Anglicans! This website exists to help people get connected to congregations in the Bay Area that are affiliated with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). If you’d like to get connected with a local priest in San Francisco, please feel free to reach out to Fr. Ryan Jones – ryan@eucharistSF.org or 415.685.3429. If you’re looking more broadly at the Bay Area, please reach out to Fr. Ed McNeill – ed@newanglicanchurch.com who is the Dean offering oversight of the Bay Area congregations connected to Churches for the Sake of Others (ACNA diocese).

If you’re looking for an Anglican congregation in San Francisco itself, Eucharist Church is what you’re looking for (since we’re the only ACNA congregation currently). We are a young congregation made up of Anglican transplants, newly confirmed Anglicans, people who appreciate a three-stream (Evangelical, Charismatic and Sacramental) approach to worship, seekers and more.

We look forward to getting to meet you!

Free Getty Music for the Great Commission

On February 21, 2016 churches around the world will be singing a song encouraging our generation to spread the Gospel.  The lyrics were originally written in 1929 by a missionary to China, and the music has recently been updated for this event by the Gettys.  This is a great way to follow up on World Mission Sunday, and keep the Great Commission at the forefront of our priorities.

More information from Keith and Kristyn is below.

In Christ,

The Rev. Canon Andrew Gross
Canon for Communications and Media Relations

From the Gettys:

First penned by China Inland Mission worker, Frank Houghton, at a time when persecution in China was at its height, “Facing a Task Unfinished” has been a rally cry for missions in the Pacific Rim for many years. In 1929, the Lord laid a vision on the heart of CIM leaders to see 200 new workers plunge into the darkness and share the light of Christ, knowing that it could well cost them their lives.

Click image to hear the story behind the song.

As he reflected on Jesus’ words in Matthew 24:14 to bear the torch of the Gospel to all the nations, his heart was broken for the people of China, and he wrote:

Facing a task unfinished, that drives us to our knees.
A need that, undiminished, rebukes our slothful ease.
We, who rejoice to know Thee, renew before Thy throne,
the solemn pledge we owe Thee to go and make Thee known.

By 1932, the last of the 200 missionaries had set sail for China to spread the good news of the Gospel. Since that time, the church of China has grown from an estimated 100,000 who claim Christ as their Lord to millions, and the Lord continues to work in great ways because of the faithfulness of those that gave their lives proclaiming that Jesus died and rose.

We are delighted to introduce this missions hymn to a new generation with the prayer it will be an anthem for rising up to face the unfinished task and going to all the world to proclaim salvation in Jesus’ name.

You can find more musical settings, translations of the song, and other resources at: www.gettymusic.com/facingtask


Hymn Music

Hymn Music

Listen to the Song


Hymn Music


Facing a task unfinished
That drives us to our knees
A need that, undiminished
Rebukes our slothful ease
We, who rejoice to know Thee
Renew before Thy throne
The solemn pledge we owe Thee
To go and make Thee known

Where other lords beside Thee
Hold their unhindered sway
Where forces that defied Thee
Defy Thee still today
With none to heed their crying
For life, and love, and light
Unnumbered souls are dying
And pass into the night

We go to all the world
With kingdom hope unfurled
No other name has power to save
But Jesus Christ The Lord

We bear the torch that flaming
Fell from the hands of those
Who gave their lives proclaiming
That Jesus died and rose
Ours is the same commission
The same glad message ours
Fired by the same ambition
To Thee we yield our powers

O Father who sustained them
O Spirit who inspired
Saviour, whose love constrained them
To toil with zeal untired
From cowardice defend us
From lethargy awake!
Forth on Thine errands send us
To labour for Thy sake


Anglican House Media Ministry Offers a Discount for Anglican Churches

Anglican House and Midpoint Trade Books, the publishing industry’s leading distributor, have made this special program available to ACNA Congregations and Dioceses.

It’s as easy as One-Two-Three!

1. Email the following to Midpoint’s National Account Manager Karen Bell: karen@midpointtrade.com

  • Your Church or Diocesan name and mailing address.
  • The name, email address, and daytime phone number of your contact person.
  • The quantity ordered. (There’ a minimum of ten (10) copies per title, and the books are nonreturnable.)
  • Say whether or not books should be back-ordered for you if they are temporarily out of stock.

2. Karen will do the following:

  • Set up an account for you.
  • Ask for your credit card information.
  • Charge your credit card 45% of the book’s cover price, plus sales tax and shipping. (Normally UPS Ground)
  • You may mail email Karen directly with any questions.

3. Once you are set up in Midpoint’s system, and have made a purchase, you will place subsequent orders with:

  • orders@midpointtrade.com
  • Billing and payment will be with: Midpoint’s main office: Midpoint Trade Books, Inc. 27 W. 20th Street, Ste. 1102 New York, NY 10011
  • You will receive email confirmation that your orders are being processed.

  • You may visit anglicanhousemedia.org for product information, daily scriptures, weekly canticles, and other features.
    Anglican House Media Ministry, Inc.
    An Affiliated Ministry of the Anglican Church in North America

World Mission Sunday 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
We are blessed to be able to join in the work of proclaiming the Gospel with our Anglican brothers and sisters around globe.

Each year, the last Sunday after Epiphany is designated as World Mission Sunday across the Anglican Church in North America. This year that Sunday falls on February 7th.

I invite you to make a special effort to highlight those mission projects that your congregation supports, and take up a special offering on their behalf.  If you are currently looking for more ministry opportunities, you will find a variety of excellent projects being led by the Anglican Global Mission Partners (AGMP).

AGMP is a network of 33 non-profit Anglican global mission-committed entities. Their vision is to see an Anglican Church in North America that is passionately committed to preach the Gospel and to make disciples of all nations in the name of Christ. Please contact any of these agencies for additional resources, speakers, and testimonies. They will bless your congregation immeasurably by sharing their Gospel work around the world. A listing of those agencies can be found at agmp-na.org.

Thank you for your partnership in proclaiming the gospel in both word and deed throughout the world.


The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach
Archbishop and Primate of the Anglican Church in North America


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