Eucharist Church: A vibrant Anglican church in the heart of SF


Eucharist Church is a vibrant, young church passionate about Christ and His Kingdom. Our mission is to be formed into a community of disciples who live all of life in reference to Christ. We seek to connect ancient forms of worship and classic Christian faith to the lives of 21st-century people. Come join us for worship and discipleship! Visitors are welcome.

  • Location: 1504 Bryant Street, San Francisco
  • Worship – 10:00am, Sundays; email Fr. Ryan ( program for pre-k to elementary aged kids available during the sermon
  • Catechesis / Spiritual Formation – 9:00am, Sundays
  • Table Groups – small groups in homes that meet weekly
  • Facebook page – Pictures of Gatherings: worship service, special community event
  • The Catechumenate: A big part of our vision for reaching post-Christian culture with the Christian gospel

Rector: Father Ryan (and wife, Elizabeth)
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Associate Rector: Fr. Kyle Logan
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What would it be like to live all of life in reference to Christ?

We’re gathering families, children, teenagers, retirees, singles, people coming from all walks of life… to follow Jesus together! We don’t think we’re better than others. We’re just beggars telling each other where we found Bread. Humility and faith are right at the heart of our message. We are, because He IS!

About our name: Eucharist is the ancient Christian word used to describe the central elements of Christian worship: the bread and wine which Christians receive by faith as the living presence of the crucified and resurrected Jesus. The original Greek word simply means “thanksgiving.”

Our Diocese and Bishop: Churches for the Sake of Others is a missionary diocese of the Anglican Church in North America focused on planting new congregations all across America. Within the Bay Area there are currently six sister Anglican congregations who are part of our diocese. Our Bishop is Todd Hunter. Bishop Todd had a wide variety of experience leading in various Christian contexts before being ordained as an Anglican Bishop. He serves as the Rector of Holy Trinity Church in Costa Mesa, California, in addition to his duties as a bishop, speaker, professor, and author. He is married to Debbie and has two adult children.


Welcome to San Francisco Anglicans


Copy of SF Logo Background 3Welcome to San Francisco Anglicans! This website exists to help people get connected to congregations in the Bay Area that are affiliated with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). If you’d like to get connected with a local priest in San Francisco, please feel free to reach out to Fr. Ryan Jones – or 415.685.3429. If you’re looking more broadly at the Bay Area, please reach out to Fr. Ed McNeill – who is the Dean offering oversight of the Bay Area congregations connected to Churches for the Sake of Others (ACNA diocese).

If you’re looking for an Anglican congregation in San Francisco itself, Eucharist Church is what you’re looking for (since we’re the only ACNA congregation currently). We are a young congregation made up of Anglican transplants, newly confirmed Anglicans, people who appreciate a three-stream (Evangelical, Charismatic and Sacramental) approach to worship, seekers and more.

We look forward to getting to meet you!

Beach Elected to Second Term as Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America

According to the Church’s Constitution, an archbishop may serve up to two 5-year terms.

In the Anglican Church in North America, the archbishop oversees bishops, dioceses, and parishes in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. He has certain responsibilities and duties beyond that of other bishops in the province but does not hold unilateral authority.

Beach was recently installed as the Chairman of the Global Anglican Future Conference (Gafcon). Gafcon is a global movement of orthodox Anglicans representing over 70% of the denomination’s active members.

Archbishop Beach expressed his excitement in continuing in this role: “It’s truly a blessing to be chosen by this amazing group of godly bishops to serve the Church. I’m honored and humbled by the confidence that they have placed in me, and I’m excited to be a part of what God is doing through the Anglican Church in North America.”

As for the future, Beach says he is “committed to seeing this Church fulfill its mission to reach North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ. We’ve seen such great growth over the last few years, with new congregations and members in the US, Canada, and Mexico. We are reaching people from all different walks of life and we need to continue doing that.”

To aid in doing so, the Province will gather at its 10th Anniversary Assembly this coming week to focus on discipleship. “Discipleship is so important to the mission of the Church. I’m excited that we will be focusing in on that this coming week,” Beach said.

The Rt. Rev. Charlie Masters, bishop of the Anglican Network in Canada commented, “I’m extremely grateful. Since the day he was first elected 5 years ago, it’s been very clear to me and everyone I know that this is God’s man to lead us as our primate. It’s a huge sacrifice of service he and his wife, Allison, have given and I’m extremely grateful and will be praying for him as he serves God in this role and I serve under his leadership.”

Likewise, the Most Rev. Ray Sutton, dean of the province, said, “Once again, we have seen the Holy Spirit create an overwhelming consensus in support of our archbishop. We thank God for him!”

To learn more about the Anglican Church in North America and Archbishop Beach, visit



Bishops Consent to Reed as Bishop Coadjutor, Fort Worth

Reed was elected by the Fort Worth convention on June 1.

Last summer, the current bishop of Fort Worth, the Rt. Rev. Jack Iker, who has served the diocese in this capacity for over 25 years, announced his coming retirement. In the same announcement, Iker also called for the election of a bishop coadjutor to enter as an assistant with the expectation of taking over the position when he retires. Reed will fill this role and take over for Iker at the end of the year.

A native of Nebraska and raised in Houston, Reed is well-known in the Fort Worth diocese. He was ordained to both the diaconate and priesthood by Iker in 1996 and 1997, respectively. His entire ordained ministry tenure has been within the Diocese of Fort Worth, most recently as Dean of St. Vincent’s Cathedral, the location of the Inaugural Assembly of the Anglican Church in North America in 2009.

The consent to Reed’s election comes just days before the province enters into its 10-year anniversary Assembly. “There’s a lot of history here,” Reed said. “To be a part of the development of the province over the last 10 years is incredible. I’m excited to see where God’s Spirit is leading us and excited to be a part of the College of Bishops. You can feel the grace and the love in the gathering of bishops; to be seated with them is mind-blowing.”

Iker expressed his approval of the consent on behalf of the diocese. “We are excited about the transition to new leadership by our new Bishop-elect, and that process has already begun. Dean Reed brings to us many pastoral gifts and a fresh vision for the mission of our diocese.”

The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach, archbishop and primate of the Anglican Church in North America, shared in the joy of the day saying, “Bishop-elect Reed is a Christ-centered priest who has already served his diocese and the province well. I believe he will continue to do so faithfully. The College is grateful to Bishop Iker for his faithful and steady leadership over the years, and we are excited for the future of the Diocese of Fort Worth.”

Reed’s consecration is planned for September 21, 2019 in Fort Worth.

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